Life Members

The following people have been elected to Life Honour membership status to honour the services provided to the NEDGA:

In support of the Life Membership nomination for Tom Leitch I offer the following:

For the time that Tom was on the NEDGA Executive he was a member of the Yarrawonga Mulwala

Golf Club Resort. For much of this time he was also a member of the St James Golf Club. Tom still

maintains his membership of the YMGCR.

Tom first joined the NEDGA Executive in 1995. When George Barber was elected as District Captain

Tom acted as a support to George. In 2004 he took over the administration of the Sand Green’s

Challenge. When George Barber retired from the District Captaincy in 2008 Tom was elected to

replace him. He continued in this position until 2019.


Tom has given our district outstanding service as District Captain. In this position he has taken

responsibility for Pennant, the Sand Green’s Challenge and the week to week operation of the

District program of events. The Pennant work includes collection of results, preparing ladders,

publicity and organising finals. Tom did all this with efficiency and goodwill. He also kept the records

to be able to reward the player of the year for each level of Pennant.

Much the same applies to the Sand Green’s Challenge with collecting and collating all the results

from the Sand Green Tournaments. With awards for both gross and nett results at a club and

individual level this was no small task. Attendance at these tournaments was also taken into account

so Tom had to apply a good deal of scrutiny to these results.

The John Guilfoyle trophy for Player of the Year also required collection and collating results from all

tournaments, both sand and grass.

Tom officially retired from this position in 2019 but at that stage a replacement could not be found

so he continued into 2020. However, due to Covid only the District Opening Day was held. His

contribution to our District has been substantial over a long period of time. His work has been

significant and has always been done with good grace.

Together with his work as District Captain Tom has also played a part in Representative Golf

participating in inter district matches against the Peninsula District helping in the supervision of our

young District representatives.

Further to this he made a significant contribution when the District was working through the

process of amalgamation of the women’s and men’s organisations.

Finally, I had the pleasure of having Tom as a colleague on the District Executive for many years.

I commend this nomination for Life Membership to the NEDGA Executive.

Nominated by                                                                          Seconded by

Andrew Walker                                                                        Phil Conway

NEDGA Life Member                                                               NEDGA President

6 th October 2022                                                                     


Pat joined the NEDLGA Committee in 2006 until amalgamation in 2018 then took the position of Ladies Golf Operations on the new NEDGA Board.

Took over the Secretary/Treasurer position in March 2009 after the sudden passing of Julie Bott who held the position.

Pat had to start from scratch, not knowing the job that Julie had been doing. Pat went through all the paper work, correspondence, minutes and financial records to learn and took over with relative ease. Even learning how to use the computer. As you would know the Secretary’s position is an enormous time consuming position.

Pat was on the NEDLGA Match Committee since becoming Secretary which included being on the Match Committee for selection of the Country Team and the Pennant draw. Both these tasks are very time consuming and consideration needed to be given to all areas.

Pat has been the Country Team Manager since Julie’s passing. This includes having score sheets and team names ready on time when in Melbourne otherwise the team would have be penalised.

Pat has carried out her Secretary’s position with due care and efficiency.  Introducing and collating the NEDLGA Handbook for the last few years. This handbook has all relevant information for clubs and sent to each Club for their reference.  Keeping Clubs informed when required of Golf Vic and District information.

Collecting Club members affiliation and informing Clubs of Bowl Dates, NEDLGA event dates and Golf Victoria dates.

Pat has always organised the accommodation for Country Teams and all prizes for NEDLGA events.

In her position she attended numerous forums in Melbourne of which the President and Secretary were invited to represent the District.

In her Treasurers position she has kept the District financial, keeping a keen eye on the in and outs and therefore avoiding increases in affiliation fees.

Pat has always kept herself available for any District member enquiries and followed up on anything that could not be answered immediately.

Fund Raising = Pat made a huge contribution in fundraising for the District. She personally went to Uncle Tobies to collect donations of bars etc. for Country Team players every year.

She spent many hours of her time in writing and phoning businesses for Donations.

She organised the opening day raffle by sending ticket books to Clubs so they can sell them before the day. She then sought out donations for prizes.

She was a member of the amalgamation working group which took a few years of meetings and contribution.

Yet again I emphasise, the Secretary position is a huge task and Pat has done an outstanding job for the District.

Pat has been a great right hand person for President Julie Trask and a terrific member of the Committee where good friendships have been made and a District that has run smoothly.

Nominated by                                                                          Seconded by

Julie Trask                                                                               Judy Langford

NEDGA Life Member                                                              Women’s Golf Operations



Barry Webb moved into the district in 1981 when he joined the Benalla Golf Club and remained a member there until 2002.  He also joined Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort in 1983 where he is still a member.  He joined the District Executive in 1991 and remained on the Committee until the conclusion of the amalgamation process in 2017.  He filled a number of positions on that Committee over those years.

Key areas of Barry contribution to the District include:

Barry has been the district representative of the Golf Victoria from 1994 til 2010, when district conferences ceased.  He represented the District at these conferences with distinction and his reporting back to the Committee was thorough and detailed, most helpful and appreciated by the Committee members.  At that time, being a district delegate required considerable dedication and sacrifice away from home.

Barry has also taken on the responsibility of District Pennant draws.  In an era when Clubs have been tardy in their nominations,  prone to change their minds and forget to nominate special requests, Barry painstakingly undertook the collation of club teams into their respective divisions and sections compiled a draw and allocated courses for the pennant season.  He has contributed to this area of management for the district from 1995 until current (2020).

Barry was elected to the NEDGA Executive in 1991.  He filled the role of Vice-President during 1992 and 1993.  He became President in 1994 and held the position until 1996.

Barry was the District Co-ordinator of the Course Rating Committee.  This involved visiting all courses in the district and rating them to come up with the slope ratings that all Clubs now have and our handicaps are based on.  It has been a monumental task.  Barry needed to firstly gather the information process the data, enter that data into a spreadsheet (that he developed), review that data then report on it to Golf Victoria.  Barry also took the initiative and time to become a Victorian Rater, a qualification required to complete the second round of ratings necessary.  This process took approximately 4 years to complete, commencing in 2010.

Barry was also instrumental and prominent member of the Amalgamation Committee.  His knowledge of governance and attention to detail was of great value to the Committee.  This process also took considerable time, but Barry saw this work through until the end and the formation of the new Board whereupon he completed his time on the District Executive.

Proposer Tom Leitch, September 2019.

Peter Dawson (L) receiving his Life Member Award from Phil Conway, President February 2020.
Peter Dawson first become a member of the NEDGA Executive in 2000.  At the same meeting he was appointed Manager of the Country Week team.
From 2004 he was also Vice President of the Association until Kelvin Peart stepped down in 2014.  Peter then became President until the
amalgamation process was completed.
Over a significant period of time (2000 – 2014) Peter made an outstanding contribution to the NEDGA in the area of representative golf.  Primarily this involved management of the Country Week team and all the activity associated with this.  Those who have been involved
know that this is not just a week of golf in Melbourne each year.  It includes lead up events such as the annual matches against our neighbours, the Murray District, and for practice matches against Peninsula District Golf Association.  These matches were part of the selection process but also included juniors and officials.  Our Country Week contingent sometimes had up to 25 people involved in the team which was made up of players,
support staff and officials.  All of these representative events were significant logistical events which required detailed organisation and at all times were well organised and played in excellent spirit under Peter’s direction.  They were events which enhanced the reputation of
the NEDGA.
Peter also made a significant contribution of the NEDGA as Vice-President and President since 2004 until amalgamation.  He was President when the amalgamation meetings began and was part of the group who saw that through to completion in 2018.
Peter also offered great support to the Junior Development Manager’s (Kelvin Peart and George Barber) by attending the Junior Regionals each year from 2004 until 2013 when he became President.  Like his management of the Country Week team this was a hands on role looking after a team of nine of the district’s most promising junior players.
Proposer Andrew Walker, September 2019

Elected to the Executive in 1993 and a member for 24 years;

Elected Secretary/Treasurer in 1994 to 2016;

Regular campaigner at Club Annual Tournaments; and

Country Week – Liaison Officer for many years, Country Week Conference (delegate) and caddying

Elected to Executive in 1996 and member for 20 years

President from 1997 to 2013 (17 years)

Club Annual tournaments

Won John Guilfoyle Trophy for Scratch Player of the Year on 3 occasions

Delegate to VGA and Golf Victoria

2004 appointed Junior Development Officer with George Barber

Organise Monthly clinic days (coaching and 9 holes of playing)

Junior Regionals

2005 instigated a Junior Camp at Glenn McCully’s facilities for junior in our district and neighbouring districts.

Country Week – Selector, Player and Caddy.

2010 became Course Rater and rated courses first and second times around.

Elected to the Executive in 1993 and had 15 years on the executive:

  • Club Annual tournaments; and
  • Delegate to VGA and Golf Victoria.

2001 appointed District Captain (first captain in the District) and held the position for 7 years:

  • Responsible for all golf in district eg; pennant, championships and golf events as well as Player of the Year awards.

2004 appointed Junior Development Officer with George Barber (still in this role today):

  • Organise Monthly clinic days (coaching and 9 holes of playing);
  • Junior Regionals; and
  • 2005 instigated a Junior Camp at Glenn McCully’s facilities for junior in our district and neighbouring districts.

Country Week – caddying; and

2010 became Course Rater and rated courses first and second times around.

Julie was elected to the NEDLGA Committee in 2004.   As a member of that committee she took part wherever possible including Bowls and Tournaments throughout the district.

 In 2007, she took on the position of President NEDLGA.

Within her role as President, she has willingly undertaken the numerous tasks asked of her to ensure that the Association would be run in the most efficient way possible.

She has always endeavored to oversee all aspects of the day to day running of the NEDLGA and she never backed away from any difficult decisions that needed to be made, but always considered what would be the best result for the Clubs and the District as a whole.

She saw the introduction of a computer program which assisted in a speedier resolution to the finalization of the results at all the North East events. This meant that players who had travelled far were able to depart early.

With the resignation of Carole Brimblecombe,  Julie also took on the role of Tournament Secretary. A position that many of you will acknowledge, requires a great deal of time and patience.

Julie has also been responsible for personally contacting players throughout the district to recruit them for our Country Team, something that entailed a great deal of time and many, many phone calls and emails. This effort has been rewarded many times, by the success the North East has achieved at the Melbourne courses.   At Country Teams she also successfully caddied for various players in the past.   Sadly this came to an end,  due to an injury Julie had sustained.

Julie is also a Life Member of the St James Golf Club, where she filled every role possible, which also included assisting in the general upkeep and maintenance of the course itself.


Jean commenced her commitment to the North Eastern District in 1988.   During this time she rarely missed a committee meeting and has travelled extensively throughout the district assisting with the running of all the North East tournaments.  Although the position of Handicapper has changed, she has always kept the Committee and District up-to-date on any handicapping issues and all information relating to Juniors.

Her position in 1991 as Junior Organiser continued until 1996.   After a short interval in 1999 she again took on the position.

In her role as Junior Organiser she accompanies players wishing to participate in Tournaments and Camps, away from their home clubs and organises clinics for both beginners and experienced players.

Jean, along with her husband George and representatives of the Men’s Association are often seen around the District encouraging junior players and assisting in the running of tournaments and Championships on behalf of Golf Victoria and both the North East Ladies and Men’s associations.

In 1997, she was elected to the position of District Handicap Manager.  In this role Jean has always made herself available to all clubs and players in the District answering any queries regarding handicaps.  

Since 2009, Jean has also taken on the added responsibility of collating the results from all divisions of the pennant matches, and passing the information to Suzie Ingle to send to clubs, thus ensuring everyone concerned is aware of how they are placed during the season.

She is also a member of the North East Match Committee.

Sally Symonds moved to Australia from New Zealand in 1980. She lived in Rutherglen and was a member at both Rutherglen and Yarrawonga Golf Clubs. She was very involved with the North East District Ladies Golf Association for over 20 years and filled a number of positions during that time.

Sally was the District’s Delegate (representative) to Women’s Golf Victoria (WGV, now Golf Australia) and would travel to Melbourne regularly for meetings. She was on the Match Committee, a District Handicapper, instrumental in the Juniors Program and Manager of Country Week Team.

Sally was a Life Member of the NEDLGA. She moved back to New Zealand in 2003. The Sally Symonds 4BBB event started in 2004. The trophy for this event was donated by Yarrawonga (YMGCR) members Carmel Hayes (now deceased) and Wilma Ridley.

Sadly Sally passed away on 16th Oct 2021 in New Zealand.

Beryl commenced golfing in the 1960’s and was a long term member of Commercial Albury.  She was also a great supporter of the smaller clubs in the NE, especially the sandscrapes.  She was also President of the NEDLGA for many years.

She was also well known for her support of North East junior players, taking them under her wing and supporting and mentoring them through the districts Junior programs.

Beryl was a great pennant player and enjoyed travelling away, including to country week in Melbourne, often caddying for the NE girls and it is reported, that playing up with the girls was also part of her “role”.

The NEDLGA donated a trophy in her memory after her passing in 1998.  The “Beryl Marshall Memorial Trophy” is given out at the NEDGA Women’s Open Day for the best individual stableford score.

Beryl played golf until her passing in 1998. 

Currently no information available.

Currently no information available.

Pam was a big woman in every sense of the word -big-hearted, kind and generous, cheerful, and always ready to help.
Pam started playing golf as a young girl, and was able to hit a long ball – just not straight all the time! ( but she had an amazing ability to hit rescue shots from near impossible places). 
Pam won many events in Wangaratta including Championships in 81, 84, 86, 96 and 97;multiple Foursomes championships, Singles and Doubles Knockouts and many Pennant matches.
Pam was Captain for 2 years and handicapper multiple times.  She followed Sally Symmonds on to the NEDLGA as an under study to District Handicapper.
Her golfing career was cut short by breast cancer and its two recurrences.  True to form she fought bravely to the end – she received her Life Membership in hospital on 11th November 2005 and died three  months later in February 2006.
Country Team 1983 to 1987
Member of NE Match Committee 1983 to 1986
NE District Handicap Manager 1986 – 1996
District Delegate to VLGU 1996 – 2002
District Delegate to Board 1998 – 2002
Board Member – chair of State Handicap Team 2003 – 2004
State Handicap Manager 2005 

Almost 30 years as a delegate.  VGA delegate for more than 10 years.  Junior Development Manager for 6 years and Vice-President 1997 – 2001.

Nominated by: George Barber

Seconded by: Ken Blake

Nominated by: Alex McCullough

Seconded by: Bob Prince

Mansfield Golf Club

Awarded posthumously.  Ken passed away in 1978.

Yarrawonga Golf Club

Wangaratta Golf Club

Golden Vale Golf Club

Currently no information available.

Currently no information available.

Beechworth Golf Club

Benalla Golf Club

Alex started playing golf at Mount Beauty in 1950 and was elected to the committee in 1953. He had held the positions of president for 14 years and as secretary for at least 23 years.

Alex was a keen golfer and had played pennant since 1952, playing continuously for 40 years.

In 1959 Alex was appointed as a delegate for the Mount Beauty Golf Club on the NEDGA committee and elected to the executive in 1962 as honorary secretary-treasurer.  Alex held this position for 31 years; he retired his position on the committee in November 1993 at the age of 77.

On his retirement Alex said “When I first started on the NEDGA committee the association was dominated by the five major clubs – Yarrawonga, Benalla, Albury, Mansfield and Wangaratta – and you basically played at them or you did not get selected in the Country Week team” “I fought long and hard for the smaller clubs for a better deal otherwise those particular clubs development would have been stifled”

 “The biggest change I have seen in my time is that issues such as handicaps and course ratings are now handled by the Victorian Golf Association, I believe that centralising these functions would in the long run benefit Border District golfers, especially junior players” “The association has moved into a more manageable organisation over the years and I have taken a lot of pride and enjoyment from the work that I have done as part of the NEDGA.”

Andrew Walker who succeeded Alex in the position of secretary-treasurer said “Alex is held in terrific esteem by the whole golf world from the VGA to the ordinary players.” “Alex and his wife Jean who was really the assistant secretary will be a hard act to follow”

Along with the many community and state awards Alex received the following awards in recognition of his tireless work in the community and in particular to golf.

1960 – Alex was awarded Life Membership of Mount Beauty Golf Club

1979 – Alex was awarded Life Membership of the NEDGA.

1990 – Alex’s years of selfless community service were rewarded with the Order of Australia Medal.

1991 – Alex was the first person to receive a Certificate of Illumination from the Victorian Golf Association praising his contribution to golf.

2000 – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second instituted an Australian medal to commemorate, Australian Sporting Achievement – Alex was awarded the Australian Sports Medal

This information was extracted from an article in the Border Mail 24 December 1993 along with various articles from the Golf in Victoria magazine, letter of Illumination from VGA and Alex’s personal records.

Mansfield Golf Club

Benalla Golf Club

L - R George Barber, Andrew Walker and Kelvin Peart